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When I was still learning SEO, I read a lot of e-books that didn't really teach me HOW-TO-DO-SEO. To be fair, it was not totally useless, but the information I got were mostly theory and little or none on the practical side.

In this blog, I hope to "cut all the bullshit" and help you know what you need to know about SEO.

Some bloggers have no idea about SEO and others have simply ignored it because they became intimidated by it.

I hope to help you out. I use very little jargon here as possible and I'll try to explain it clearly and straight to the point.

The truth is you don't have to be a professional SEO practitioner with years of experience to be great at ranking in the Search Engines. Yes, you heard that right. It's entirely possible that you could rank number 1 in the SERPS and get that tons of traffic that you always wanted.

If you want to have a successful blog, you have to equip yourself with more weapons. Learning how Search Engines work will be an additional skill that will prove to be very important.

So, do you want to be a Search Engine Invader? If so, get your game face on because it's time we learn some no-nonsense SEO for bloggers.

I RECOMMEND reading this post first - the basics of search engine optimization.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

SEO for bloggers

I have been too preoccupied from optimizing another site that I totally forgot about my blog. SEO practitioners say that blogs drop in rankings when they are not updated. I don't know how true that is, but perhaps other sites that are frequently updated CAN probably get a boost in rankings -- so I guess that could explain it.

Currently these are my rankings.

The picture above came from a print-screen of a software called Rank Tracker. Obviously, what the software does is tell us what your website's rankings are for a specific keyword. (This is a free software, by the way.)

For example, for the keyword "Search Engine Invader", I (NOW) rank top 1 for it in most of the Search Engines. I rank number 1 for it on Google USA, on Bing USA, on yahoo! USA and so on and so forth.

What I want to rank now is for the term "SEO for bloggers".

Since I am not that busy anymore (and have no job for the mean time) I will be optimizing this blog. I will show you the results next week. We will also employ different proven methods to increase rankings and I will show you how to do it.

See you next week search engine invaders!

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